PACaMAC offers world's only 360 degree all over visible printed jacket: 

 PACaMAC jacket sample designs
After years of research and development PACaMAC finally managed to invent a procedure to print the jacket in such a way that the result is a “MATCHING ALL OVER PRINT”.
This patented technique we call: CYLINDRICAL printing.
Old technique enables only small repetition of the print and are limited by screen sizes.
Printed parts by sublimation or screen print of the fabric are sewn together into a jacket, dress or other garment and NO WHERE the print matches!
We are now able to match the design at all parts of the garment so that a true cylindrical design on the jacket has become possible, no matter where the seams are.
This new patented technique enables a full color design that is UNBROKEN on the garment.
We offer this technique now to the market in two versions: PACaMAC's & PAGaFLAG's
The PACaMAC jacket
PAC-a-MAC is the British term for a lightweight, weatherproof anorak with a hood, named after the inventor of the raincoat Mr. Charles Macintosh in 1823.
In North America and Japan PACaMAC’s are more commonly known as windbreakers.
PACaMAC's are available for you to make your own design: Read more>>  
The PACaFLAG brand
Our brand PACaFLAG targets the souvenir, resort and tourist markets.
With our national distributors we develop a range of PACaMAC's  based on country, city, resort and other tourist attractions. We welcome distributors and wholesaler with new idea's, design input etc. Call us!
Stock for retailers in selected countries available : Read more>>