PACaLAMP intro

Need an original packaging

with added value?

It’s a brand new packaging suitable for any market, re- or e-tail. The full color printed cylinder with 3D or laser effect, gives the PACaLAMP a high exposure. PACaLAMP - a division of PACaMAC - now shows this exciting unique concept offering distributors new opportunities.

The idea is simple. A small LED base lamp enlightens the printed PET cylinder and shows a spectacular customized design. The product is packed inside the cylinder. After the purchase of the product the end user removes the product from the cylinder and the LED Lamp remains as a long lasting memorial from the manufacturer.
The LED Lamp is not limited by diameter nor length. Any product can be packed, from a bottle, a rose, a mobile telephone, perfume to a PACaMAC. The LED Lamp is powered by 2 AAA batteries and 3 strong led’s. The lamp can stand up or hang. The printed pet cylinder with reflective top lid can carry any message and is a strong marketing tool for any product, since it will get a long lasting position within the personal environment of the customer.



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