Create your own PACaMAC
  1. It all starts with you contacting us directly or indirectly through your design, advertising or PR agency.
  2. In close collaboration we prepare your design and within 10 days you can have a sample on your desk.
  3. After approval of your pre press sample we prepare the films and plan your order at the printing facility.
  4. A trial run is made to check all colors and details of the print by our QC and than the rotogravure presses do the rest.
  5. CMT in our own sewing factory including neck labels, folding and packaging according to your instructions and shipping by air or ocean. The  complete process can be terminated within 5 weeks.
  6. Delivery by air within 1 week. Delivery by sea: approximately 5 weeks.

Obviously we do require a minimum quantity. Our patented technique is a fully automated industrial process. But please contact us and discuss your needs, sometimes we can combine printing runs and you could be surprised by our solutions. But yes, less than 1000 pieces is not possible.

Download your PAC-a-MAC .pdf template for you to design.
The best part of all is our price: we can compete with any comparable (promotional or fashion) item in the market and offer a high customer value and appreciation.